We are here to provide your child with a fun and exciting haircut experience. Our stylists have the ability to work with children who may or may not like getting their haircut. We provide a fun and colorful environment with child friendly movies,
toys, and books for all ages.

Stylists are trained to work with all types of children even if they move or cry. Haircuts are generally completed within 10 to 15 minutes. All haircutting stations have tv's, books, toys and a special haircutting chair for your child to sit in. One parent/guardian at a time is allowed to assist the stylist with a child's haircut. Cameras and video cameras are always welcome!

We recommend you make an appointment for your child/children. 

To keep your child's hair healthy and growing strong without dead ends, our stylists recommend a trim for boys every 3-6 weeks and girls every 6-8 weeks.

Tipping for our stylists is welcomed and encouraged! Thank you for supporting Cubby Cuts stylists as they work very hard to give your child the haircut of your choice while still making it fun, safe and quick for your little one.